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Administration Serveur TeamSpeak3

  • Le Serveur TeamSpeak3 est administré / modéré par tous les gradés simultanément.
    • Carnage
    • Totor
    • Zerta
    • Zipper



  • Description : Bot permettant un certain management automatisé.
  • Fonctions actives : ChannelNotify, ServerGroupNotify

Psychokiller WebAdmin

  • Description : Interface Web permettant l'administration du TeamSpeak.


  • Description : Bot Musique. De plus ajoute certaines fonctions de management automatisé.
  • Scripts installés et actifs :
    • Afk/Away Mover (Moves clienty that are set as afk/away to a specified channel) [Currently Testing]
    • Back to Default (If everyone leaves the current channel, the bot will move back to its default channel)
    • BadNick Check (Kicks or Messages People with a Bad Nickname !) BadNick parser
    • FirstJoinMessage (Send the user a FirstJoinMessage when he join the given channel.)
    • MineCraft Server Info (Shows information about a Minecraft server on a channel.) [Currently Testing]
    • Twitch/Hitbox Status! (Check periodicly your favorit streamers status!) [Currently Testing]
    • Alone Mode : This script will save CPU and bandwidth by stopping or muting the bot when nobody is listening anyways. - [Curently Testing]
    • Bad Channel Names (This script will remove all channels matching some userdefined names.)
    • !dice (roll a dice!)
    • Jail (This Plugin allows you to Jail People in a specific Channel! Usage help !jhelp)
  • Scripts installés et désactivés :
    • Advertising 2.0 : This script will announce one of the configured lines every x seconds. (Help: https://github.com/Raphouphe/sinusbot-scripts) - [Script OK]
    • RSS Feed : RSS Feed to channel description - [Non testé]
    • Schedule Music Timer : Play music on a time - [Non testé]
    • Server Status Checker : checks the status of a server every x seconds via uptimerobot.com - [Non testé]
    • ZTSupport : Message to ServerGroup when User joins specified Channel - [Non OK]
    • Advertising 1.0 [Script OK]
    • CoverArt : Automagically downloads album art from theaudiodb.com. - [Non testé] - [Script non désiré mais existant par défaut]
    • No Recording! : This script will kick anyone who attempts to record. - [Non testé]
    • Welcome : This plugin will let the bot greet everyone. - [Script OK]
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